We have two primary areas of focus.

Firstly, support for carefully selected stand-alone projects, namely with NGOs looking to scale or make their social impact model more sustainable. Here we consider ourselves partners for good, linking projects with resources and professionals in our network that can facilitate their strategic objectives.

Secondly, support for individuals pursuing a higher education that are driven and passionate but do not have the financial means. We do this through a portfolio of global scholarships, but with a particular focus on the regions we come from, Palestine, Lebanon, and Spain.

Scholarships in Spain

Our portfolio of scholarships in Spain encourages the development of subject areas we are passionate about, namely, finance, technology, and the arts. Therefore, we seek students that show promise in these subjects and encourage the institutions to develop the faculties and course content to be competitive in those fields. Some of the institutions and organizations we currently work with:

Call for entries for the Second Talent Scholarships 2024/2025

Fintech Specialisation at UMA

We collaborate with reputable higher education institutions in developing capabilities and degree options in subject areas that we are passionate about. One of those projects is with the University of Malaga where we are collaborating in the development of a fintech course within the engineering department. We believe that Fintech and in particular Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) plays an important role in the democratization of financial services and the pursuit of financial inclusion for all.

Scholarships in Lebanon & Palestine

Our portfolio of scholarships in Lebanon and Palestine seeks to support students passionate about improving their social standing through education and positively impacting their communities. We support the neediest and most deserving students, regardless of their field of study. Some of the institutions and organizations we currently work with:

Asociación ABAD

The Benalmádena Association for Disability Care (ABAD) contributes to ensuring that people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in the municipality and their families, can develop a quality of life project, promoting their inclusion in society. Fundación Kareema feels honoured to be able to participate in the creation of the future Benalmádena Comprehensive Disability Care Complex.

El Vuelo De las Libélulas

Fundación Kareema is proud to support this local organization, which is dedicated to identifying and assisting the most vulnerable residents of Benalmádena. With our support, they are expanding and enhancing their services through the development of a comprehensive program that enables the individuals they aid to achieve self-sufficiency. Through Las Libélulas, those who receive assistance are guided towards sources of support for their primary, administrative, legal, employment, and educational needs.

Regenerative Agriculture

We are proud to partner with Commonland and Alvelal to support regenerative agriculture in Spain. Our first collaboration focuses on planting aromatic plants in Granada’s altiplano region. This initiative aims to enhance biodiversity, increase pollinators, promote conservation, and sequester carbon in agriculture.

World Toilet Organization

The NGO World Toilet Organization is dedicated to improving sanitation and hygiene around the world, promoting access to adequate sanitation services and raising awareness about the importance of toilets and hygiene. WTO aligns with the mission of the Kareema Foundation to promote the improvement of health and sanitary conditions of the people most in need and at risk of exclusion from medical care, as well as education in this area by improving the quality and conditions of life of all human beings.

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